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The News News feature is provided to cover all news, and is used in the organization's news and the president's news

One of the most important characteristics of the news

  • Enable the master site manager from news management to add, edit, or delete
  • Enable the news demo before publication, and post the news after being approved by the content manager.
  • The news item appears in the form of title, picture and text and appears under the title Date Added and the creator of the news.
  • You can follow all news by entering all news page.
  • The ability to access a specific story to view its details by clicking on the news item.
  • The number of news that appears on the home page can be controlled.
  • The ability to organize news and categorize it according to its contents.
  • Ability to search within news content.
  • The ability to grant users the privileges of the news by the administrator of the main site.

Add or edit news from the news editor


Ability to review all news


Ability to review details of a specific story