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The system of wages and salaries is integrated with Attendance and departure system Salary, insurance, taxes, advances and so on, specifying the nature of the item (s), salary, insurance, taxes, advances and so on. ; Entitlements or deductions, etc., as well as determining whether the item is fixed and repeated monthly or whether it is variable, as it is integrated with Customer and Sales Program The commissions are calculated and prepared in detail for each employee and overall for each department, department or rosette or for the organization as a whole.

Definition of salary vocabulary

Salary vocabulary is defined for each employee, whether the constant is spent each month or the variable that is affected by the regulations. The simple words that are calculated from the time of the unit or the compound words that are calculated from other words or by an equation based on one condition or more are defined.

Definition of regulations governing the disbursement of salaries

Easy ways to deal with (absence - early departure - delay - extra - month ...).

Social insurance What the company bears and what the employee is assuming (subject / not subject)

 Labor Taxation Report for All Employees (Subject / Non-Subjected)

The nature of the wage or salary (daily / weekly / monthly) The system applies the regulations of the institution where we stand on the net salary (employee - worker) accurately and easily.

Delegates' commissions

 The system allows the user to create a system for delegates' commissions and to know the commissions calculated during a period, whether in total or on a specific item. 

Settlement of advances

Due to the prevalence of advances in institutions, the system allows the user to monitor the payment of advances manually or to deduct fixed and determined values automatically from the salary of each period according to the regulations of the institution.

 Creation of the Covenant

The system allows for the continuation of the Covenant whether it is a permanent custody or a temporary custody, and to follow up the aspects of the disbursement of the Covenant, as well as the settlement or renewal of the Covenant for each employee.

Wages and wages

Detailed and gross salaries

It is possible for the employee to print a detailed report for each employee, including all the benefits, deductions and number of working hours, allowing the employee to know the exact components of his salary from benefits or deductions. The total salaries payable or paid can be printed either for the institution as a whole or for each department or group.

Employment Taxation Report

The system allows the user to define the strike of the employer and the income taxes for each employee based on the taxable vocabulary. The exception is the exclusion of certain items for which income tax is not calculated and the distinction between taxable and non-taxable employees.

Insurance reports for each employee

The system allows the user to distinguish between employees or employees who have a value due to insurance based on the vocabulary subject to insurance, non-working vocabulary and non-insured employees.

Reports on the Corporation's share of social insurance

Monthly The Foundation is obliged to pay the dues of the Insurance Commission for employees subject to social insurance. The user can easily print a detailed report of the amount owed to the insurance for each employee and the whole institution.

Salary track

And an easy way to finish work and adjustments of the last service and knowledge of the entitlements of employees and workers for the period they spent in the institution in accordance with the labor laws of each country.

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