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Time and Attendance System for Time Management, which is used to calculate all the time effects of attendance, absence, delay, addition, sanctions, etc. in the form of points, which is a complete system for time management manually and by linking to different fingerprint programs or attendance and departure devices. Authorizations for employees, based on flexible rules for monitoring absences, delays, add-ons, permissions and tasks. This program works on more than one roster per employee on the same day, prepares user reports for time management data and integrates them with personnel data within the company or organization to enter Administrative sanctions of the system, as well as sanctions automatically calculated from the system

Contact the clock of attendance and departure

The system is linked to the attendance and departure fingerprint to identify the dates of attendance, departure and time off, and to set the regulations according to which the salaries are calculated by transferring the work capacity and absence to the salaries of both parties (deductions and entitlements).

The possibility of registering group vacations such as holidays and public holidays

The system is defined as annual holidays and public holidays, which will be discontinued during the year, such as national and religious holidays, and can be added time dedicated to these holidays commensurate with the nature of work.

The possibility of raising the balance of vacations at any time during the year

The system allows the user to set a credit balance for each employee with the possibility of raising the balance of the annual holidays or reduce or transfer for the next year in the case of Aden the entry of the balance of vacations employees and workers.

Registration of special permits and permits

 The system handles flexibilities flexibly, taking into account the differences between the missions, whether they are one day or more or a specified number of hours.

The possibility of excluding one or more employees from attendance and departure rules

The system allows the user to exclude one or more employees from the application of the attendance list and leave it based on the number of working hours.

The possibility of creating different swirls for each department, sector or work group

Time-attendance and attendance hours may interfere with the normal work of employees, workers and workers within the organization. The system allows more time to be defined for each group, whether it is a department, a department, a sector, or a working roster.

The system supports the operation of the trucks

When there are shifts for workers, the system can operate shifts system, taking into consideration the succession or change of dates or the change of appointments between workers for each specific period.

A dedicated time for Ramadan

The user can create a dedicated time period for periods in which work hours differ from normal hours. After the specified period, the system returns to the base time automatically.

Distribution of attendance and attendance on projects

The system allows the registration of attendance and departure of employees on the enterprise projects at the specified working hours for each project to distribute salaries to different cost centers.

Additional orders are either a day or a number of hours

Control overtime or additional work days to suit the need of the institution flexibly with the establishment of regulations governing the calculation of wages based on additional working hours.

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