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Our program is one of the best programs to manage the affairs of employees, as it facilitates the management of various processes that are carried out within the work environment, whether administrative or accounting or conservation and archiving, providing each employee a complete file with all his personal data and scientific qualifications, as well as follow up the reasons for the appointment is not met for each employee, With a full historical record of the employee from the date of his appointment until he reached retirement age. The system contains an archive of all documents and certificates of the employee and warnings of the dates of renewal of the documents and the dates of their revision to the archive if any for any reason, World's

Definition of employees and workers

Open a file for each employee with the addition of all data to the employee (employees - workers - workers - delegates - drivers and definition of personal data: code - name - type - date of birth - phone - mobile - address - email - marital status - type of proof - And the number and date of issue - the bank account number of the employee. Add a picture of the employee and attach pictures of all the reasons for the appointment of each employee and the registration of the driver's license and passport and identity identification of foreigners and the dates of renewal of the grounds and the definition of family data for foreigners.

Job reports and corporate governance structure

The system allows the establishment of the administrative structure of the company and is composed of sectors - departments - departments - work groups and also grades in each section and functions.

Staff mobility reports

Staff and workers promotions and historical record of the employee from where he started, with which evaluation, where and by what assessment, providing accurate information on the employee's history.

Notices with documents not received from employees

The system allows for the establishment of an archive for all employees and workers. When documents are issued for any reason or expiration of the documents' dates, the system can alert the documents that have been issued and the time of their return to the Human Resources Department.

Employment applications

 The possibility of making an archive of job interviews and job applicants, printing job applications and evaluating job applicants.

Reports of staff training courses

The system follows training courses for employees and performance of employees before and after receiving the courses to find out the return of investment in cadres and improve the performance of the employees of the institution.

Staff evaluation

Evaluation methods can vary in terms of personal characteristics or work requirements and functional performance. The evaluation provides insight into the development of the performance of employees and employees, whether personal behavior, skills or job requirements.

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