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Multi-lingual portal service


Ease of navigation between internal languages.

One of the most important features of multilingualism is the internal gates

  • The system will provide full support for multilingual features, allowing users to choose language options in side lists, drop-down lists, fields and navigation tools.
  • The user will be able to choose the language (Arabic - English) through which he browses the site by choosing the language when he enters the site and also changing the language of the site from Arabic to English from any page of the site.
  • The content developer is required to work on a particular content by entering the translation of this content into the different languages available on the site for each content uploaded on the site.
  • The content developer can choose not to upload content translation, in which case the system will display the content in the available language.
  • Requests The user can set his preferred settings for the site until the system remembers them when he logs back on the site.
  • System administrators can create new sites and pages that have a separate version for each language to allow multiple translations for different user types.

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