More than 18 years experience in accounting and administrative programs Technical Support

Orchid Soft provides comprehensive services and systems for content management and corporate document management, maximizing the value of business information in these companies. These services include the best content management services, business automation services, records management, collaboration techniques and compliance with company rules and policies.

Implementation services

The Content Management Team works to help its customers and partners succeed in planning and implementing content management systems in a systematic and accurate manner, in line with their business and operating environment requirements. Our consultants have long experience in the installation and control of content management systems and maintain their permanent presence on site or through external support to ensure the efficiency and smooth implementation, and work with the client project team to ensure their training to follow the system after installation

Convert old documents to electronic documents

Once the content management system has been successfully and systematically implemented, the company usually has a large number of old documents that have accumulated and require conversion to electronic documents. This process is usually complicated and time-consuming to file and file, which is a burden on the company.
In order to remove this burden from our customers, Orchid Soft and its team of trainers offer the service of converting these documents and old files into electronic documents that can be used and accessed at any time easily

Smart reporting and indicators Directors and members of the board

Enterprise managers always need quick indicators (KPIs) that show the performance of the organization such as growth rates, absentee rates ... and of course this is done through the portal connection to the internal applications of the institution

Advantages of document management software

• Keep documents safe

• Easy and simplified way to handle the scanner

• Easy search and access to documents

• Sharing data and information among individuals

• Maintain confidentiality of documents

• Alerts and alerts for various processes associated with documents

Business Activities Beneficiary

All commercial and industrial establishments, whether governmental or private. Which has a large number of documents and documents. As well as institutions that have documents and documents on degrees of confidentiality