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Portal is the system that brings together all the services and applications we offer. and that is through
• Internal portal, which includes internal services and applications and communication tools among the members of the organization
• External portal and includes all external services and communication with customers.

Of course, all the services provided by both the internal portal and the external portal relate to internal applications within the enterprise (Back Office)

The main services provided by Portal are summarized in the following:


Mechanization of institutions aims at converting all routine procedures, approvals such as leave applications, material purchase orders, appointment requests to sequential and parallel tasks by procedure

Manage content and documents

• Central storage, management and access to documents across the organization
• Simplify Web content management
• Electronic signature on documents
• Maintain confidentiality of documents with ease and access of individuals to documents (each within the scope of its terms of reference)

Improve communication among all members of the organization

• Publication of decisions and circulars
• Social networking among individuals (participation of events and personal communication)
• News of the Foundation and its advertising materials

Smart reporting and indicators Directors and members of the board

Enterprise managers always need quick indicators (KPIs) that show the performance of the organization such as growth rates, absentee rates ... and of course this is done through the portal connection to the internal applications of the institution

Advantages of using SharePoint

• SharePoint helps improve employee interaction by providing opportunities, providing project management tools, and alerts to users via e-mail.
• Helps organizations to search documents and all forms of data and keep knowledge organized and interrelated, providing features such as equipment tracking and document management. Compiling templates as well as recording all actions performed by users.
• Management and documentation of various areas of work procedures through the use of workflow engines.
• SharePoint offers advanced capabilities to collect all information from multiple sources and issue the required reports for this information, with the required speed and accuracy.
• SharePoint now has the ability to create and implement fast applications such as technical support services, project management, records and archival management, meeting management, scheduling of meetings and many other applications needed by organizations.

SharePoint is designed to solve many of the problems facing modern business management. SharePoint offers many solutions, which represent a set of features that are a solution to a problem. Before shedding light on some of these solutions, it should be noted that these solutions are not fixed in the sense that they can be customized according to the needs of users and according to the business model prevailing in the institution.

Business Activities Beneficiary

All commercial and industrial establishments, whether governmental or private. Which has a large number of employees. As well as institutions that provide services to the public also institutions that need to automate administrative functions