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Transverse and circular browser for internal gates

Letter of Guarantee Management Program

In which the decisions of the institution are added from the head of the institution to all the employees of the institution.

One of the most important characteristics of circulars and decisions

  • The administrator of the main site shall be granted the powers and administration of circulars and decisions of addition, modification and deletion.
  • The decisions issued to all employees of the Foundation shall be presented in a textual form (title, subject, date of issue, date of expiry of the decision presentation).
  • When a new decision is issued, the email text of the decision will be e-mailed to all employees of the institution.
  • The possibility of displaying all circulars and resolutions.
  • The possibility of displaying the details of circulars and a specific decision.
  • Ability to display the latest circulars and resolutions on the home page and control their number.

Add or edit editor of events and events


The possibility of reviewing all circulars and decisions


Possibility of appropriate review or effectiveness