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Is a photo album of the Foundation.

One of the most important characteristics of the photo gallery

  • Enable Content Manager to grant permissions and manage the Gallery from adding, deleting, and editing.
  • The ability to add photo albums is a folder containing a set of pictures.
  • Possibility to add a picture to the folder.
  • Possibility to add multiple photos within each album.
  • Possibility to review all albums.
  • Possibility to review photo album.
  • The possibility to view the image appears in the pop up at its original size.
  • Possibility to delete the entire album once.
  • Possibility to delete photos from within the album.
  • The possibility of displaying the album or photo within the album until the publication is approved by the director of the main site.
  • There is a date to determine when the album was created.

Add or edit the photo gallery editor


The ability to view each gallery


Ability to review a particular image