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Salary vocabulary

  • Define all types Deductions Which the user needs
  • Define all types Allowances Which the user needs
  • The definition of conditional vocabulary on the defined regulations Program attendance and departure (hours of attendance - hours of delay ...)
  • Add vocabulary without strings
  • Link each single to the corresponding account in General Accounts Tree
  • Arguments can be defined (have no effect), which are the basis for calculating other vocabulary (Compound vocabulary)
  • A single effect on salary can be canceled and affect only public accounts, such as Single The share of the institution of insurance

Compound vocabulary (taxes and insurance)

  • Compound vocabulary is a vocabulary derived from ordinary vocabulary
  • The program builds all regular vocabulary first, then calculates compound vocabulary
  • An example of this type of vocabulary is the vocabulary of taxes and insurance


  • Enter the advance value, date and date of payment
  • The advance payment can be made in installments
  • In the calculation of salaries, advances are made on the basis of the assumed premium.
  • The user can control the value of the premium that is cut off exceptionally in any month
  • The payment date and installment value can be changed even after payment of part of the advance
  • The employee may be exempted from paying the remainder of the advance


  • Detailed payroll (showing salary, hours of work, delays and vocabulary for each salary)
  • Total payroll
  • Salary report for each department / department
  • Payroll report for each department / department / period
  • Vacation report for each type of leave / employee / department / department
  • Advance report (advance value - paid - remaining) per employee / department / department
  • Attendance and departure report in the period
  • User-generated reports
  • You can reformat any screen in the program and print it

Stages of salary calculation

  • Calculation of attendance and departure variables (delay penalty - extra time - absence ...)
  • Calculation of regular salary items (dependent on attendance, departure and unconditional)
  • Calculation of compound vocabulary
  • Vocabulary collection and salary construction
  • Underwriting work in public accounts

All variables of attendance, departure, and calculated vocabulary from the system are shown to the user and can easily be reviewed. The user can also modify the calculated vocabulary as well as the work of his own vocabulary manually, and will be collected in the salary normally

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