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Attendance and departure - basics

  • Support all types of holidays (normal - casual - unpaid - satisfactory ...)
  • The user can define new types of leaves
  • Support for all types of delay delay (paid - unpaid)
  • The user can define new types of delay permission
  • Support all types of transactions and allowances
  • Definition of annual and official holidays

Account and record attendance and departure

  • Direct contact with attendance and departure machines
  • Dealing with all exported files of attendance machines
  • A simple and easy way to modify, add and delete attendance records manually (after being called from the machine)
  • A simplified method to review the days of delay and additional and all calculated data of the employee from the system

Delay rules

  • A graceful grading rule during the day (first quarter-hour grace then ...)
  • A gradual grace rule for the month (first day, second day ...)
  • A base of gradual absence during the month
  • Late departure delay is separate from the early departure base
  • The rule of overtime after work is separate from the extra rule before work
  • Additional rules take into account the presence / absence of administrative orders
  • Rules for dealing with special delays and absences (delay without pay, leave half a wage ...)
  • Support for attendance and departure systems that include an out-of-service exit

Easy and simple way to record work schedules

  • Support for successive ladies
  • Define the time of attendance, departure and departure for each working day
  • Determine weekly holidays
  • A system for non-specific employees at the time of departure
  • A system for employees not specified by the time of attendance or time of departure
  • Support for special rosary and Ramadan dates
  • Annual vacations and public holidays
  • Alternative Vacations
  • And its allowance
  • Annual leave migration
  • Separation of regular or emergency leave Every department or department in the organization's organizational structure

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