More than 18 years experience in accounting and administrative programs Technical Support

Personal data

  • Personal Information: Title - Birth date ...
  • Personal Identification: Passport - Driving license - Personal ID
  • Health care and health insurance
  • Termination dates - Employment contract - Health card
  • Save all documents and files related to the employee (residence renewal documents - work permit ...) and expiry dates
  • Save employee photos
  • Save the employees' covenant and the dates of receipt and delivery
  • Applying all employees and employees of the company to its departments or departments and covering all jobs and job titles at different branches
  • Flexibility to deal with internal organizational changes
  • Disclaimer and termination of employee service

Employment applications

  • Personal Data Entry - Advanced Job - Courses ...
  • Enter the advanced image of the function
  • Attach the applicant's documents
  • Applicant evaluation (personal traits and technical estimates)
  • The ease of searching within the applications in the system for a job, arranged by name - gender - ratings ...

Staff evaluation

To include the employee evaluation periodically in all administrative, technical and personal aspects of both the current employees of the institution or the evaluation of the interviewers during the need of the institution to new employment applications

training courses

The courses attended by the staff, the trainees, and the degrees obtained are entered

Documents and documents

The program can create an electronic library and can print and print all documents and documents of a particular employee, whether pictures or Word files. The files can be modified and easily saved

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