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Provides OrchidaERP Accounts Program System users can add a bank with a simple and easy-to-use interface so you can add all the banks you deal with.

Orchida Soft Software is making the most effort to facilitate and facilitate the users of the OrchidaERP accounts program and if we look at any institution we find that they have financial transactions with banks and therefore the company helps you to record those transactions in the program easily and extract what you want from them with all flexibility and accuracy and what we do in this The article is the definition of the bank itself and in the next lines we will go into more details about the definition of banks.

A user comes to the system and asks how can I add a bank to the OrchidaERP accounts program so that I can identify the banks I am dealing with in the OrchidaERP accounts program?

To answer that question, we follow the following steps so we can add a bank to the OrchidaERP Accounts program:

»We enter the list (accounts).

»Then we enter on the definition (banks) showing the screen identified by all the banks.

»Then we click on (Add button).

Definition of Bank
Definition of Bank

»Show us a screen (bank definition).

Definition of Bank
Definition of Bank

Some users ask the OrchidaERP accounts program I have entered the screen and I have found fields in the screen I would like to know more details about them?

To answer that question we clarify each field in the screen as follows:

Code: It comes automatically from the system with the possibility of modification

Account: The bank name is written in that field, for example Bank 1

Foreign Account: The name of the account is written in English if we want to work on the system in English

Main: Connects and displays in the account tree

B: In case of financial situation

Branches: If we have several branches and we want that treasury to be a branch and does not appear for the rest of the branches, we write the number of the branch here in that field, either left it empty for everyone

Confidentiality: If a security number is written above the user's privacy level, that user does not appear

L / C: Data are recorded in the case of the use of documentary credits

Limits of dealing: The minimum and maximum limits of the account are selected

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