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In order to be able to record customer movements, you need to add a client at the beginning, so it helps you OrchidaERP Accounts Program Add your customers with ease and flexibility

The OrchidaERP Accounts program also provides the possibility to import clients from Excel file to facilitate you and save your time and effort.

From the Select Accounts menu and then (Define Customers), a screen will appear with a list of clients that have already been identified. If you look at the screen, it is divided into sections for easy and fast data entry, as shown in the following sections:



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Customer data

The OrchidaERP Accounts program provides a simple and easy interface to add a client-specific enterprise. The system also features an import of Excel file as it provides a basic data definition system for the client such as:

" customer name

»Customer Address

»Phone numbers for the customer

»B / Z / C for the customer

It also provides OrchidaERP accounts program with many features such as:

»The possibility of connecting the customer to the region.

»The possibility of registering the responsible person for the customer.

Accounts for customers

The OrchidaERP accounts program will automatically add a customer to the account tree under the customer account with the possibility of changing it and modifying it to any other account in the account tree.

The system also provides you with additional fields to classify customers

In the definition of items we have learned that we can introduce six selling prices for the category and three types of sale discount. Here we can choose for the customer the type of price and discount he will deal with.

Customer limits

One of the advantages of the OrchidaERP accounts program is that it provides a special section of the credit limit (minimum - maximum) for customers

If we want to not allow the indebtedness of the client to exceed a certain limit and be 5000 pounds, for example,

We add a limit to the client's balance in pounds and do not enter a value in the "lowest-debit" field and enter 5000 in the "maximum debit" field as shown in the figure.

Of course, there is no point in choosing the "lower-debit" limit with the customer but it is used with the treasury and banks,

Where the "minimum-debit" limit is zero, ie the treasury balance is not allowed to be less than zero.

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