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The OrchidaERP Accounts Program Providing a simple interface and easy to use to enable you to add a safe and the addition of all safes, the program features multiple cabinets.

Note that when you run OrchidaERP Accounts for the first time, we will find that it is defined as a single safe box, which is the fund since it is not possible to make movements without the existence of the treasury of the institution.

In addition, when you add your safes, the system can determine the limit of dealing for the treasury in terms of the maximum limit placed in the treasury and the minimum limit in the treasury when the movements do not allow the disbursement of the treasury if more than the minimum treasury and can also add a balance of the Treasury is greater than the maximum treasury .

What are the steps so that I can login on the Add Security screen to define my safes?

To identify your vaults on the OrchidaERP Accounts program, follow these steps:

»Login to list (s)

»Then we enter on (definition of cabinets)

If we look at the definition of cabinets we find a safe known as a box because no movements can be made without a safe

»Then we click on (Add button)

Treasury definition
Treasury definition

»Show us a screen (treasury definition)

I have entered the add-on screen in the OrchidaERP accounts program. I want to explain the screen and the fields in the screen.

When entering the account definition screen in the OrchidaERP accounts program, we find the following fields and each field is shown as follows:

Code: It comes automatically from the system with the possibility of modification

Account: The account name is written in that field

Foreign Account: The name of the account is written in English if we want to work on the system in English

Main: Connects and displays in the account tree

B: In case of financial situation

Branches: If we have several branches and we want that treasury to be a branch and does not appear for the rest of the branches, we write the number of the branch here in that field, either left it empty for everyone

Confidentiality: If a security number is written above the user's privacy level, that user does not appear

L / C: Data are recorded in the case of the use of documentary credits

Limits of dealing: The minimum and maximum limits of the account are selected

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