More than 18 years experience in accounting and administrative programs Technical Support

Many organizations use paper documents such as a request for leave, a purchase order, a request for appointment, and many other examples. Converting these paper documents and all transactions related to them to electronic format, then only this electronic version can be accessed from any place without the need to print or distribute them manually or destroy them later.

Orchida Soft uses the NINTEX system for enterprise automation which features:

• Easy to configure business paths without the need to use programming languages. .
• Integrates with Microsoft SharePoint (SharePoint)
• Easy integration with different systems

Benefits of enterprise automation

• Easy interaction of the employee with all the procedures required of him through a single screen

• Employee alerts for backlogs

• Alerts to the manager about the work that exceeded the time when his subordinates

• Staff assessment, and knowledge of the business overload area

• Possibility to change the sequence of procedures easily as there may be changes in business rules

Business Activities Beneficiary

All commercial and industrial establishments, whether governmental or private. Whose administrative work is complex. Which provide services to their customers and need these services to follow up. As well as institutions that need to automate their internal procedures such as requests for leave and advances to employees, and purchase orders and decision and so on