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Example of study (Municipality of Experts - Saudi Arabia - Governmental Authority)

System requirements:


Remove the paper system (notebook) and record all the movements of the system electronically and includes the following

• Personnel Affairs
• Financial system
• Warehouse system
• Technical licenses
• Investment system
• Project system
• Integration with the SADAD system in the Kingdom (collection of fees / installments due to citizens electronically)
• Allow citizens to apply for licenses directly through the Internet, and follow up the implementation of these requests
• Automating the internal administrative system, such as staff vacations and material purchase orders
• Mechanize incoming and outgoing messages to / from the organization
• Increase cooperation and acquaintance between staff at the Authority
• Save and archive documents electronically Access documents for a specific transaction, as well as search within documents

Fulfilled Solutions:


1- External gate

After registration, citizens can apply for technical and health permits through the gate, and follow the news and activities of the other municipality
You can visit the Municipality's website at


2 - internal portals

• System applications (GRP) are accessed through the portal
• Each employee will follow the tasks assigned to him through the portal
• Search all documents and documents stored within the SharePoint libraries, according to the organizational structure of the SharePoint users


3. Application of GRP

It consists of three main sections (Personnel Affairs - Finance - Licenses and Citizen Services)
• The system is designed according to the accounting rules used in the Saudi government system through the set of accounting documents through which registration is made and the extraction of all reports according to the models approved by the Ministry of Finance
• The system design took into account the provision of effort and time and fit with the general system of municipalities and other government agencies
• The design of the system ensures that all parts are integrated with the personnel affairs system.
• Full control of user rights on all system windows
• Ability to hide or show table columns
• Export reports to Excel / PDF
• The system works in both Arabic and English

Parts system
• Personnel Affairs
• Financial system
• Warehouse system
• Technical licenses
• Health licenses
• Investment system
• Project system
• Correspondence system
Integration with the portal
• Full integration with the portal's e-mail system, which calls for special reports from the system
• Complete integration with the portal's e-services system, where the user initiates the service request through the portal, resulting in workflow to process the request within the system.

Integration with SharePoint
• Users of the system are connected to the SharePoint and Active Directory users and are allowed access through the "Single Sign On"
• The application works entirely from within the SharePoint Portal
• The program is divided into sections, and any part can be listed separately in the portal pages.
• All documents and documents are stored within the SharePoint libraries and can be searched and organized according to the organizational structure of SharePoint users.
Integration with the SharePoint Workflow Engine, where the system screen associated with a task is called from within the task screen itself


4. Automate tasks using NINTEX WORKFLOW

The following actions have been automated

• Applications for leave (through the portal - to employees)
• Out-of-office applications (through staff-portal)
• Health certification applications (through the gate - registered citizens)
• Requests for the issuance of technical tiling: construction - demolition drilling - ramp ... (through the gate - citizens registered)