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After we made the basic definitions in OrchidaERP Accounts Program We do the movements of the stores from the order of inventory or exchange order and the addition of other movements and talk here about the order of exchange from the store and the so-called conclusion of the impact on the items in the stores decrease.

What is the difference between the disbursement order and the sales invoices in the OrchidaERP Accounts program?

We also talked in the previous lines that the order of exchange from the store affects the store shortage of the quantity of items, but does not qualify for that matter Client can not be deducted on the value in the matter nor add value or taxes, any effect on the quantities of items in stores at cost.

The bill of sale: affect the store also the shortage of quantities of items and affect on the various accounts such as the Fund and also affect the account of the client.

I want you to remind me of a practical example of an exchange order from the store until it establishes what I mentioned in the above lines.

We now give a practical example to show you what has been mentioned in the above lines, we show in this example the effect of the exchange order and follow the store before the movement of the order of exchange and after movement.




Before we begin the work of the exchange order movement we follow the store to see the current balances before the implementation of the movement to illustrate the impact of the movement Here we show the balance of the store (general) of the class (bag Balah 5 kg)

Note that:

Discontinued is (2)

The balance is (200)

As shown in the figure:




We are now making an example of an exchange order movement from the warehouse and its effect on the stores as soon as the order is made

»We go to the list of stores

»Ruling on praying in congregation

»Press the Add button

»We fill in the required data, the most important of which are:

• We choose the store (general)

• We choose the items to be disposed of (bag of 5 kg)

• Put the quantities to be spent (5)

Then press the OK button

As shown in the figure




Here we explain the effect of the movement of the class on the store

We note the following:

Turned off (7) instead of (2)

The balance became (195) instead of (200)

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