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Fixed assets program helps you to inventory and inventory fixed assets in the institution and classification and also computes the depreciation and issuance of restrictions Of the General Accounts System Automatically, fixed assets are a tangible long-term piece of property owned and used by the company in its income-generating operations, and fixed assets are not expected to be depreciated or converted into cash within a year, Fixed assets Property and equipment and equipment, also referred to as capital assets or fixed assets.

Components of fixed asset program

Definition of fixed assets

• Determination of the depreciation method (constant - decreasing)
• Determining the percentage of depreciation
• Determine the reserve ratio of high prices
• Specify the scrap value

Fixed assets in general accounts
• Fixed asset account
• Calculate depreciation expense
• Compensated depreciation account
• Reserve account of rising prices
• Profit and loss account is capital

Add a static asset

• You can purchase a fixed cash asset, or a supplier account
• If you add an asset that already exists, the add-on movement will be an upward movement of the asset
• The amount at which depreciation is calculated and depreciation rates can be controlled in the periods following the addition movement
• Restrictions associated with the movement are automatically issued

Sell Hard Original

• The asset can be sold in whole or in part
• A cash asset can be sold, or from a client account
• If a part of the asset is sold, the asset that is excluded from the asset is determined
• Capital gains / losses are recognized in the movement of the sale

Depreciation of fixed assets

• The period of operation can be determined (100% means full depreciation work)
• A group of assets can be depreciated at once
• Depreciation can be done monthly / every two months / every 3 months ... during the specified period.
• If the asset's carrying amount reaches the carrying amount, the reserve premium (if any)

End of fiscal year

When the end of the financial year is completed, all movements on the asset are transferred archival (without computational restrictions) for review, and the movements of the new movements are normally followed

Fixed movements report

The report shows all the movements that have been made on each asset, value of the asset and the accumulated depreciation and reserve after each movement


Characteristics of fixed asset program

• Support all movements that affect assets: Add - Sell - Ramp - Exclusion
• Determining the depreciation method of assets (constant - decreasing)
• Asset depreciation every month / two / three months
• A group of assets can be depreciated at once
• The amount at which depreciation is calculated and depreciation rates can be controlled in the periods following the movement of the sale, disposal and disposal

Commercial activities benefiting from the fixed software program

This system is essential, and it needs all companies and commercial and industrial establishments. Which have a large number of assets, whether buildings, equipment or cars

Devices and accessories you may need with the fixed assets program


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