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HR software (HRIS) - is a comprehensive system for the management, organization and monitoring of all personnel related to the organization or the company; in terms of wages, recruitment, rewards, discounts, attendance, departure, working hours and work efficiency, in order to Provide accurate follow-up to staff, while at the same time coordinate with all other programs of the establishment such as the General Accounts program of issuing the constraints and linking with the different cost center for the absence of any accounting errors in the establishment, and the salaries of employees are calculated with the utmost precision, The error also occurs in Paper systems. This program consists of four main programs, namely the Personnel Affairs Program, the Attendance and Leave Program, the Payroll and Payroll Program, and the Self Service Program

Human Resources Program - Human resources personnel

Our program is one of the best programs to manage the affairs of employees, as it facilitates the management of various processes that are carried out within the work environment, whether administrative or accounting or conservation and archiving, providing each employee a complete file with all his personal data and scientific qualifications, as well as follow up the reasons for the appointment is not met for each employee, With a full historical record of the employee from the date of his appointment until he reached retirement age. The system contains an archive of all documents and certificates of the employee and warnings of the dates of renewal of the documents and the dates of their revision to the archive if any for any reason, For the world ... about Almved Employee Affairs Program

Program attendance and departure
Program attendance and departure

Attendance and Time - Attendance Program

Time and Attendance System for Time Management, which is used to calculate all the time effects of attendance, absence, delay, addition, sanctions, etc. in the form of points, which is a complete system for time management manually and by linking to different fingerprint programs or attendance and departure devices. Authorizations for employees, based on flexible rules for monitoring absences, delays, add-ons, permissions and tasks. This program works on more than one roster per employee on the same day, prepares user reports for time management data and integrates them with personnel data within the company or organization to enter Administrative sanctions of the system, in addition to sanctions that are automatically calculated from the system, ... Program of attendance and departure

Payroll and Payroll Program - Human resources Payroll

The system of wages and salaries is integrated with Attendance and departure system Salary, insurance, taxes, advances and so on, specifying the nature of the item (s), salary, insurance, taxes, advances and so on. ; Entitlements or deductions, etc., as well as determining whether the item is fixed and repeated monthly or whether it is variable, as it is integrated with Customer and Sales Program The commissions are calculated and prepared in detail for each employee and overall for each department, department or rosette or for the organization as a whole. About Me Payroll and Payroll Program

Self-Service Program - Employee Self-Service

The employee self-service system is one of the latest programs that have been added to the human resources management system. The system allows employees to take care of many tasks and tasks related to resources without having to enter or manage human resources staff. For example, knowing the balance of the remaining vacations, Salafi, or even query about salary items, and the employee can change personal information such as address, contact information and banking information, which will need some approvals before being registered Employee Affairs Program, Which contributes to saving working hours and increasing the efficiency of the company Self service program

Self service of the employee

The system unit

One system that links all the activities of the administrative and financial institution and deals with all matters related to employees and workers from the calculation of salaries, attendance registration and exit .. It is easy to call attendance and departure data from the time or record in writing. And can send the salary items via e-mail to each employee and of course the payment of salaries linked to the general accounts and the movement of the Treasury and affected movements on the general accounts and final lists and cost centers and the distribution of salaries on projects.

The same advantages of Axel

You will not be surprised when you use Orchida - soft system where the screen view is the same as the view of the Axel in terms of the column view and the features of "filters" on the columns and you can easily import data from the page and export the data any screen in the form of Excel page allowing the imagination of the user Reach his best perception.

We have developed a range of human resources management solutions in order to ensure the time spent in following up the employees' affairs, and we believe that the development of the institutions comes from the development of the capabilities of the working cadres that manage the requirements of the daily work. These solutions helped to develop your organization in terms of time management, wages and salaries. Through the Human Resources Program 

Features of human resources management program

  • Full control in the form Vocabulary salary (Deductions and allowances)
  • Integration between Attendance and departure system And the list of delays and additional and absence and leave with the system of wages.
  • The process of calculating salaries is made for thousands of employees done in minutes.
  • Check attendance, departure, salary calculation and review of financial records from one screen
  • Calculation of compound words (such as taxes and insurances) easily.
  • Introducing the employees' advances and installment with flexibility and pleasure.
  • Direct contact with attendance and departure machines
  • The delay rule is gradual during the day (first quarter-hour grace then ...) and also during the month (first time - second time ...)
  • Support all types of holidays (normal - casual - unpaid - satisfactory ...) with the possibility of identifying new types
  • Control of weekly holidays and annual holidays. And supporting successive roses.
  • Enter all Employees' personal data, And their documents (documents - pictures - Word files)
  • Entry of applications for employment with attached documents. And assess the personal and technical characteristics of the applicant.
  • Introducing staff training courses and their results.
  • • Introduce staff assessment periodically in all administrative, technical and personal aspects

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