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Provides OrchidaERP Accounts Program If you look at the future sales program, both the sales invoices and the collection movements (cash / checks) will affect the customer's statement of account. The customer statement shows the final customer balance (debit / debit). We hereby request the customer to pay the remaining amount. Thus, customer disclosure is the ideal document for auditing with our clients.

As for the installment sale system, the client's statement is often insufficient in customer audit. When the invoice is entered for the customer is to schedule the value of this bill in installments. The customer will pay these installments later. The customer will need a statement of account for each invoice separately recorded the installments of this invoice and what has been paid from each installment.

Thus, the system of sales installment contains the following:

With the introduction of the invoice: the distribution of the invoice value in installments (after deducting the value of the provider)
With the collection of cash: the installment and the invoice collected are taken to cash
Client Account Statement: Ability to extract detailed statement of account for each installment invoice
Late installments: A report showing the premiums due up to a certain date
Discount on the invoice: the possibility of making a discount on the invoice in the event of giving the customer a discount at the end of the installments and so as not to keep the invoice account pending.

Invoice Invoice Installment:

To show installment invoices, follow these steps:

  • From the menu select "Settings / Options"
  • Select "Sell"
  • Type "Yes" in the "Sale by installments"
  • Close the program and restart a second slot

Now we can start to enter the installment bill as follows:

  • From the Select Sales menu
  • Select "Installment Sales"
  • Click "Add"

The invoice for the installment sale will appear in the form.

  • The customer name and the items sold are entered in the invoice as explained above Sales bills
  • The value of the presenter is entered on the "Cash" page as described above Sales bills

It is clear from the figure that the value of the invoice is 2000.00 and the cash deposit is 200.00, so the remaining amount to be paid is 1800.00

The installments are included as follows:

  • Select the date of the first installment shown as shown
  • Enter the number of installments and press "Enter"
  • The program will calculate the premium value (you can change it if you want)
  • Press the "Enter" button. A record for each installment will be entered in the installment table as shown in the form.

If we look at the screen we see the acrimony and here we wonder what is the euphoria and its effect of arithmetic?

Acknowledgment is a promise of deduction in case the customer fulfills the payment on a regular basis. And does not have any accounting value and is evidenced when the customer discount on the invoice when the payment of the last installment.

Collection of premiums

How do I open a screen to collect installments in the installment program?

  • From the menu select "Securities"
  • Then "premium collection movements"
  • Then click on the "Add" button

After we have opened the installment collection screen you can enter the premiums by following these steps:

  • Select Customer
  • Click the Choose Payment button, a screen will appear showing all the installment bills and the installments of the open customer, choose the invoice to be paid and then choose the installment and then press OK.
  • Enter the collection date
  • Enter the collection value in the "Incoming" field
  • Choose the treasury to be collected
  • Press OK

Can you repay more than one premium together?

You can pay more than one installment at a premium provided that the series on the same invoice as follows:

  • Set the previous steps, put in the "Incoming" field the total amount of the amount to be paid.
  • Choose the first premium in the installments to be paid.
  • Click on "Serial payment". The amount will be distributed to the installments in order.

Make a discount on the installment bill

How do I make a discount on an installment bill in the installment sales program provided by OrchidaERP?

  • From the menu, choose "Expense Restrictions"
  • Then "discount sale invoices"
  • Then click the "Add" button. A discount screen will appear on the invoice
  • Choose the type of expense charged to the opponent (eg "Allowed deduction")
  • In the "Credit" field, choose the customer to whom the discount will work.
  • Click the Choose Invoice button, a list of open invoices will appear for the customer, choose one and click OK.
  • Enter the date of the discount movement
  • Enter the discount value
  • Select the currency and press OK to save the animation.

Account Installment Bill for Customer

How can I follow the installment bill account to a customer in the installment sales program?

From the Select Accounts menu and then Account Statement, a client animation screen will appear as shown.

  • Choose the 'Installment Billing' page and click 'Apply'.
  • We will find 3 tables as shown
  • The upper table contains the installment invoices issued to the customer and the following:
    The value of the invoice - the paid deposit - the refund - the payment - the balance - the date of the last installment
  • The bottom table - right, shows the premiums associated with the selected invoice from the top table. It also shows the pay of each installment and the rest.
  • Lower table - left shows the payment movements made on the installments associated with the invoice selected from the top table and payment dates

Late Premium Report

How can I track the late installments?

From the menu select "Securities" and then "Late Premium Report" the following report screen will appear:

Enter the date to calculate the late installments. Then click Apply.

The premium data will appear as shown in the form. In each line, we will find the name of the late customer, the installments, the number of late installments, the value and the last payment date for the customer.

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