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Follow-up of all credits (credit value - cover ratio - shipping type - shipping line - shipping agent - date of opening the credit ...). As well as follow-up receipt of shipments on one or more times.

Components of documentary credits


• Credential value
• Cover ratio
• Shipping type
• Shipping line
• Shipping Agent
• Opening date of accreditation
• Validity of accreditation
• Date of shipment
• Expected arrival date
• date of arrival

Types of Accreditation

• Credit types, quantities and prices are entered in foreign / local currency

• The foreign currency rate is entered

• In case of receipt of shipments of accreditation in stages. The effect of the credit command on the stores is canceled. The stores are then affected by the receipt orders.

• All details of other items, if any such as the date of validity, color ...

Accreditation expenses

  • All expenses associated with the appropriation (all expenses in its currency with the introduction of the currency rate of each expenditure)

Distribution of Accreditation Expenses

The expenses of the appropriation shall be apportioned to the cost of the items according to the following conditions, taking into account the following cases:

• Expenses that do not affect the cost of items
• Expenses distributed according to quantities and not value
• Expenses distributed by value and not quantity
• Expenses distributed by volume
• Expenses distributed by weight
• Expenses distributed according to the customs factor
• Expenses distributed by other factor

Receipt of shipments

• If the credit is received more than one payment, the receipt orders are entered separately
• Items are called from the credit with all their data
• The cost of the dependencies on each shipment is divided by the quantity received from each category
• Special charges can be added for each shipment and distributed to the shipment in the same way as before

Accreditation follow up

• Detection of credit movements: the types and quantities required - the types of shipments received with dates and quantities

• Disclosure of categories of credits (required - recipient - rest)

Advantages of documentary credits

• Enter all credentials (credit value - cover ratio - shipping type - shipping line - shipping agent - date of opening the credit ...)
• Once consignment shipments can be received in stages or on a single stage
• The expenses of the appropriation and the expenses of the receipt of each shipment shall be distributed to the price of the cost of the items
• The costs of the credit shall be transferred to each shipment as a percentage of the quantities of items in the shipment
• Follow-up of the accreditation and all expenses incurred in various currencies, and what has been received, and what has not yet received

Business Activities Beneficiary

  • This system is essential, and it is needed by all companies and establishments that are engaged in import and export ...

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