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If you have a cash or money bill, you will be interested in any type of account. Orkeda Soft will provide you with a system that will manage your sales easily and accurately. OrchidaERP Accounts Program In the registration of invoices for sale of your term and cash with ease and flexibility and printing and add discounts and addition and taxes on invoices.

What is the difference between cash sales bills and term sales invoices?

Users of the OrchidaERP Accounts program ask what is the difference between forward sales invoices and cash sales invoices

Cash Flow Invoices: The OrchidaERP Accounts program automatically collects its full value in the Fund.

Bills of sale Term: Part of which can be collected and the balance is subsequently collected from a cash collection transaction.

How do I open the Post Sale Bill screen in the OrchidaERP Accounts program?

We choose from the Sales menu and then (Future Sales) will show the future sales screen with the invoices that were previously registered, and then click the Add button,

One of the features of the long-term and cash sale invoices in the OrchidaERP accounts program

Multiple ways to identify items in the sales invoice:

OrchidaERP accounts program provides different ways to identify and select items in the sales invoice to suit all users when choosing:

Select category: In this selection is done manually, where either write the code of the category and press the button Enter the category appears and the quantity and price are determined and moreover there is a press button shows all the items in the stores We choose the desired category and determine the quantities and price.

Bar Code Category: When choosing this option, the barcode is treated with a bar code.

Bar Code + Quantity: This selection is different from the previous selection in one thing only, instead of adding a row of the category showing the quantity to be adjusted and then Enter is added row of the category in the quantities specified.

Discount, addition and sales tax on the item

If you click the right mouse button on the list of items in the invoice shown in the form a list will appear, choose from them (Hide / Show Columns).

You'll find invisible columns of them (discount - add -% z) you can show them what suits you

, And give an example we show (discount before - and%) and that is at the level of each category.

To further clarify the fields indicated in the screen format shown:

Price: When you enter a item in the invoice, the price will be determined based on the choice Type Price shown in the form (price 1 - price 6) (See product definition). Note that the price type is automatically selected as specified when the customer is defined (See the client definition)

The discount is a value or percentage deducted from the value of the item. The discount type must be chosen from the discount type field shown in the form: (without deduction - consumer discount - sentence text - sentence deduction). Note that the discount type is automatically selected as specified when the customer is defined (See the client definition)

Addition: is a value or percentage added to the category. Note that the discount type is automatically selected as specified when the customer is defined (See the client definition)

% VAT: is the percentage of sales tax on this product. And take their value from the existing value by defining the item.

The value of the fields (number - category - discount - addition - z) can be changed in the table directly if needed.

Discount, addition and sales tax on the total invoice

OrchidaERP accounts program also provided discounts, add-ons and sales taxes on the same category
You will also be offered discounts, additions, sales taxes, value added, and commercial and industrial profits taxes on the total invoice as a whole
In order to be able to do so we enter the settings above the invoice and then choose:
Discount, addition, sales tax, commercial and industrial profit tax and VAT
You will notice an impression on the left side of the invoice that the ratio or value is entered and then pressing Enter is calculated automatically
, Which is designed by Orkeda Soft Software for ease and flexibility and accuracy in information and accounts

To further clarify the fields indicated in the screen format shown:

Discount: A value or percentage deducted from the total sales invoice.

Addition: A value or percentage added to the total sales bill.

DM: is the value or ratio of sales tax on the total invoice.

AAT is the value or percentage of the industrial and commercial profits tax on the total invoice.

Value Added Tax is the value or percentage of VAT added to the total invoice.

Enter cash with sales invoice (submitted)

The OrchidaERP accounts program helps you to enter the cash on your forward sales bill. The cash sale invoice is automatically entered into the system and the cash order is executed on the postpaid invoice in several ways from within the invoice without leaving it.

»The value of the cash payer can be entered in the right part of the invoice as shown in step 1, then pressing Enter is automatically calculated from the system.

»Another way is to enter cash on top of the invoice and then press the entry-cash button as shown in Figure (2) The collection screen opens and is linked to the invoice and the customer and date according to the date of invoice automatically only enter the value of the amount paid.

There is an edit button and it is possible to modify the collection after entering it, and there is a delete button which helps you delete the collection from the invoice.

As shown below:

And here comes the question that I expect it was in your mind now, what is the difference between the introduction of a movement of cash collection from within the invoice and the introduction of the movement of collection from the screen of cash collection?

The only difference is that the cash here will be linked to the invoice as the billing provider, but in fact it is a very regular cash collection
, In addition to the cash collection screen and can be deleted or modified from there.

Possibility to enter expenses on the invoice

The OrchidaERP accounts program provides an additional expense on the invoice by entering the highest invoice charges as shown in the form and then pressing the input button. The income entry screen opens. The expense is entered and the value is then adjusted.

Adjustable buttons to adjust the expense at any time.

Delete buttons You can delete the expense from the invoice.

The possibility of entering documents on the sales invoice

The OrchidaERP accounts program provides an addendum to documents on the sales invoice through:
Press the Add button with the possibility of adding the file from the scanner directly or from a saved file

Multiple payment methods

The OrchidaERP account program provides several payment methods (immediate, Visa, Mastercard, etc.)

And the possibility of linking those methods to the tree of accounts and determine the accounts to which they are linked so that you can review each treasury for each method of payment.

Effect of sales bills on public accounts

The sales invoice is ultimately in the account of one end. The "customer" and the other is "net sales." As we change the first party "customer", we can also change the second party "net sales" from the settings page shown in the form. The daily associated with this limitation can also be changed.

OrchidaERP accounts can automatically affect public accounts from the system (net sales account).

It also edits the account tree and selects the accounts you want the bill to affect.

The system helps you install these options so that they are not selected each time you make a sales invoice.