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Opening Credits is a simple and easy interface that Orchida Soft Software has provided in OrchidaERP. It aims to record or identify the balances of the different accounts of the system user. When the user has an actual activity when using the system for the first time, he has previous balances for customer accounts, supplier accounts, Treasury (fund), bank accounts, and various other accounts.

Moreover, when defining an opening balance in OrchidaERP Accounts Program A system account is automatically entered and is unilaterally registered and is the account of your choice.

In addition, OrchidaERP accounts software helps you import the opening balances of different accounts from the Excel file to facilitate you and save your time and effort.


The users of the system ask some questions in their minds:

Is the opening balances screen where you enter the opening balances for each of the different accounts and items in the OrchidaERP accounts program?

In order to answer this question, a simple explanation must be made. The calculations are considered values, and the items pass through quantities. So, there is no mixing of things for the user of the system. Orkeda Soft Software provided:

Screen of the opening balances of the varieties: the quantities of items are defined, and the screenInitial inventory)

A screen of the opening balances of different accounts: the different values of all accounts are recorded, and the screen (opening balances)

And here comes the second question, which is how to enter the screen of the opening balances until I define the opening balances of accounts?

Steps to enter the opening balances screen to identify the opening balances:

»Login to list (s)

»Then we enter on (opening credits)

»Then we click on (Add button)

»Show us a screen (opening balance)


After entering the screen we find the following:

No.: is the number of movement serial number comes automatically from the system and can be controlled at the beginning and can be modified also manually registered.

Registration number: Movement number.

Journal: Daily selection to deal with that movement.

Account: Select the account from the account tree to which we want to register an opening balance.

M Cost: The traffic can be linked to a specific cost center.

History: Movement History.

Currency: Select currency according to transactions.

Debit: The value of the account is determined if it is owed.

Credit: The value of the account is placed if it is a creditor.

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