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Orchida Embroidery


OKS makes designs for the Universal 6 Series and 7 series machines in an easy way

You can open business software screens with a graphic screen at a time.

You can see the stereo design on the screen before sending it to the machine

You no longer need the old recording device, OKS connects directly to the machine

You can review all your designs in an easy way to get to the desired design quickly

Works on operating systems (Win XP, Win 2k, Millennium, Win9x)

Preparation of design fees

1. You can open any image ready (BMP, WMF, JPG, GIF ...)

2. In order to handle the finished images properly you can use the tools to adjust the number of colors, the conversion to the colors of the machine, zoom out and zoom, rotate the image ...


1. From the drawing screen, select the part you want to create a fixed program for

2. OKS will identify the colors in the selected part
3. Select the type of firmware you want to apply (striped jacquard / tray / linux ...)

4. Click OK and do a graphic test.

Import from library

Now we have
-Sessions from s8 to s10 by chip my cable

Now add a new slide from the library named my cable

The courses are from s1 to s2 for the test
- Courses from s4 to s7 Jacquard four colors

Ready slides can be added from the library

1. Click the Import button
2-Choose from the library the slide you want to add to the design (my cable)
3. Type the horizontal and vertical coordinates where you want to place the graphic associated with the slide
4 - The program will adjust the grille and the mackles before and after the added chip
5. The program will also add slide commands (S, Z, N ...) in empty spaces in your design and then reset them to suit their new location (command signs on each other)
6 - You can also export any part of the design of your own currency to the library, just press the Export button from the S box and type the beginning and end of the courses for the part you want to export as well as the name that will be known in the library

Writing courses for Z

2 - You can copy a set of Z and paste it in the same design or in another design and you can paste it in reverse.
3 - You can also use the drag and drop method to copy the contents of the drawn group to the place where you are dumping and also can make inverse versions when using ALT
4. When you place the cursor on any part, a hint shows the function of this part. Also, if this part refers to something else, the hint will also indicate the data of the command in question.

Similarly you can write the rest of the parts
- The N Box
- The S Fund
- Fund (A)
- The W Fund
- The Fund (P)
- The Fund (R)
- The Fund (FD)
- FE Box
- The Fund (C)

Technical testing

After you finish the design, you must do the technical test that shows the errors in the design, to fix the error, just double-click it with the mouse, the box associated with this error will appear. Repair the error and close the box.
2. Repeat the previous step to fix all errors
3. Start the test again until all errors are finished.

GPU test

Finally we get to the graphic test that enables us to implement the design step by step

There are several choices for this test

2 - Natural display in color: All stitches represent the color, as well as the stitches transferred are represented in special colors to show the movement of transport carried out

1 - a natural presentation gives a stereoscopic image of the design

4 - Display movements only (neglect movements spinning)

3 - Display only spinning movements (neglect movements)

When performing the test you can progress:
- Step set kit
- Step Z
- Continue until Z / S / Y
- Continue to the end


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