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Orchida Knitting


Orchida Embroidery provides you with an endless number of possibilities to fly in the world of embroidery and make it easy to transfer your creativity to the world of reality and through the smallest number of steps

Orkidha for embroidery You can use the images of the cartoon or natural or codified from the scanner as a guiding background to build your sample above it or converted to a sample direct method. It also provides you with many Arabic and English fonts, but also supports TrueType fonts that are available in huge numbers on the Internet.

With Orchida Embroidery you can open most famous types of famous samples such as DST, DSZ, DSB, etc., leaving you the opportunity to put your own artistic touches or modify some parts of this sample by changing the type of stitches or changing the shape of the inscription.

Orchida embroidery provides a special browser for embroidery files so that you can review your files and rename them and arrange them properly to be returned easily and pleased when needed.

Orchida embroidery supports most famous embroidery machines such as TAJIMA, BARUDAN, ZSK, PFAFF, HAPPY, etc.). It allows the user to export the embroidery samples of these machines as well as support the configuration of their discs

Orkeda embroidery also supports direct contact with most famous machines such as TAJIMA, HAPPY, BARUDAN, thus avoiding the use of any additional devices to connect to the machine.

the design

Flexible and efficient construction tools: To create different shapes from a path (fixed or variable width) with angled or fixed or patterned areas, and other tools for writing with standard fonts, through a simple number of easy steps to learn.

Smart Edge: A great tool that saves the time and effort needed to track the edges of any shape in the background image as all construction tools can be used.

Magic Wand: A magic tool to turn any color swatches into background images into a virtual swipe with a single click of the mouse

Automatic shapes: It saves you time to build simple geometric shapes such as circle, square, rectangle or polygonal. This tool can be used with all construction tools

Amazing shapes: A magical tool very similar to the ruler of wonders and is the best way to build complex or decorative geometric shapes in the world of embroidery and so loved by many designers of gowns and clothing heritage.

Maker of engravings: In addition to more than 50 embossed patterns provided by Orchida embroidery through the library of engravings can you build any new inscription may not be available to us or add your artistic touches to any already engraved inscription.

Special Stitch Maker: Special stitching is an example of a particular formation of stitches regularly repeated in the wipes. In addition to 200 special stitches provided by Orchida embroidery, you can create any special stitches on your horse or even pick up special stitches with your old samples.

Kroner processor, initial layer, exit points and automatic input: by choosing the appropriate corner for the right angles and adjusting the input of the initial layer and the exit and entry points, you can completely forget this, then the embroidery embroidery will apply these choices to all the shapes that are built Using the program.

Font templates: Orchid embroidery provides 18 different templates so you can create your own custom typography (half circle, cone and wave). You can also build any template you can imagine and the program formats the characters to suit this template.

Formal Fonts: Orchida Embroidery offers more than 20 prefabricated fonts covering most of the famous Arabic and English fonts. Not only does it support True Type fonts, which are more than one million fonts, and are available free of charge on the Internet.
Graphics Editor: Edit images from within a program enables you to put your final artistic touches on the background image and control the number of colors, degree of lighting and degree of clarity


Orkeda embroidery provides more than one way to roam around your sample samples and rearrange them with a simple bar that visually illustrates the sample parts. It also provides five sets of tools to control the shapes - the anchor point - the stitches - the links - and even the background image

Flexible and easy to modify: You can choose the format of one or more programs by pressing directly from the mouse either in the drawing screen or through the movie tape and you can choose one or more shapes or one or more fulcrums and even stitches one or more To perform different operations on them

Cut and paste: Orkida embroidery is one of the leading programs in introducing the concept of cutting and paste in the regular editing programs to the embroidery world where you can make a copy of one or more shapes and then paste them into the same sample or another sample in the same way as the text program

Forming tools: a set of distinctive forming tools to add artistic touches to the shapes of the embroidery

Automatic Frames: A great tool that provides you with the time to build frames around the embroidery shapes that have been built in Orchida Embroidery. You can also choose the frame type where frames are allowed (a plant or a trajectory) and this frame becomes a separate form, you can control its specifications as you like

3D effects: An impressive array of stereoscopic effects (ball effect - cylinder effect - oval effect) can be applied to stitches to add a distinctive touch to your samples

Stitching Wizard: A great tool to control your old samples. It helps you control the number of stitches and stitches density. You can also control the width of any stan found in the sample.

Movie: A wonderful bar that visually scans sample parts to control their arrangement and placement of special stitches

3D Simulation: A good tool that allows you to simulate your stereoscopic samples to identify any problems that may not be obvious in the drawing screen and you can choose the right colors for your eye.

Dealing with images

Graphics Editor: Allows you to enter your images from the scanner and supports most popular image types (BMP, PCX, GIF, JPEG, etc.) and contains easy and effective editing tools such as those found in most good drawing programs you will enjoy using

Special effects: A set of special effects specially designed for the designers of embroidery to control the degree of lighting of the image and the number of colors

Automatic Image Converter: A magic tool to convert any art image into a vector shape. It also allows you to control the type of output where you can choose from (plant - a trajectory - layout). You can also control the way the program uses to detect color spaces in the image via control In simple and understandable input


Fonts: An impressive collection of fonts, including most of the famous Arabic fonts such as the line of the third and the line of the patch and the Andalusian line and the line of copies and others as well as most of the English lines. Each letter from a set of parts to enable you to control and add any artistic touches on them

A unique set of templates: enables you in a very simple way to control the shape of the template to be built and include most famous templates such as (semicircle - cone - ..)

Build your template: A great tool to build any template you imagine in an easy way and then the program to form the characters for the twins with this template

True Type Font: True texture allows you to use a wide range of TrueType Font fonts. This allows you to choose the fonts that are widely available on the Internet and for free.

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