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We use the first-time inventory. If you use the system for the first time and already have an activity, the store contains actual quantities that we enter into the system through the first-time inventory, after we define the items and define the stores and then add the balances of those items in the stores. OrchidaERP Accounts Program First Time Inventory Program.

The program provides the import of these opening balances of the items from the Axel file for your convenience, flexibility and accuracy in the data entry.

The first-time inventory also affects the balance of the items, the value of the inventory in the balance sheet and the trading account, and also affects the accounts of the first-time inventory in the trading account.

To define the store we do the following:

»Login to the list (stores)

»Then we enter on (inventory of the first period)

»Then we click on (Add button)

»Show us a screen (first-time inventory)


When we enter the screen of the inventory of the first time we do the following:

»Start adding items and add quantity and cost to each one by one by:

• Select a category and be manual

• Bar code selection using the barcode scanner

• Or select the barcode quantity and also be using the barcode but lets you write the quantity

»Items can also be added in another way, which is import from Axel file

»Then we select the store that we are doing the inventory of the first period

As shown in the figure:

Here comes the question I have some customers who is

What is the difference between an inventory order and an inventory order?

»The first-time inventory order is entered on the first time the OrchidaERP accounts program is used, and the inventory order is on a continuous basis by each customer if it is a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual inventory

»The first-time inventory order has the same effect as the inventory order in terms of the effect of the balance of the items and the value of the inventory in the budget and the trading account. It also affects the accounts of the first-time inventory in the trading account

An example of an inventory order is now given

To open an inventory order we do the following:

»Login to the list (stores)

»Then we enter the (inventory)

»Then we click on (Add button)

»Show us a screen (inventory order)

When an inventory is made and the balance of items in the OrchidaERP accounts program is reconciled, we usually find some differences between them, so we enter the inventory order in the system to settle these differences.

We start to add the items one by one, noting that we enter with each category the balance of the modified category. The program will write the balance before the inventory and then the amount of the adjustment (added / disbursed) to match the balance after the inventory with the balance actually collected as shown in the figure.

Note that there is a field group, what is the group and what to benefit from it?

It is often difficult to perform an inventory of all items at once. Thus inventory inventory is performed on more than one inventory order and then we will need to exclude the items that have been previously inventoryed. To facilitate this process, several inventory orders are linked to one group number. When selecting a category to add to an inventory order, the program hides the items found in the inventory orders of the same group.


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