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The POS program in Orchida is an accounting system that facilitates the buying and selling process through all electronic systems. These systems help to facilitate the process of selling and buying in all commercial activities and save time and effort on the management of shops to know sales and reports on the progress in the management of chains stores. Moreover it is the only system capable of controlling the sales channels automatically as it provides you with a report on the balance sheet. The warehouse system, which is linked to warehouse management, can also be directly linked

POS program components


POS system inputs are represented in the following
• Defining the names and data of cashiers.
• Defining the sales mandate of each cashier.
• Link each cashier to his or her own store until all the Kashcher moves are connected directly to this store.
• In the case of using scales, it is required to define the scales of the program to be automatically linked between the program and the scales.
• Since this program is fully linked to the warehouse system, please see the entries for the warehouse system from its own page.

Daily movements

Day-to-day movements are a POS system that records all day-to-day sales of each cashier as well
• Recording cash sales movements.
• Registration of sales movements by Visa.
• Record sales movements (including delivery value).
• Registration of sales returns
• The possibility of filtering pink rosette.
• Full link to warehouse system Please check the daily movements of the warehouse system from its own page


Reports and statistics
• A report showing the sales of each cashier and the amounts collected from it during a specified period
• A report showing the deficit or surplus of each cashier during a specified period.
• A report showing the sales of all cashiers during a specified period.
• A report showing all collections of all cashiers.
• A report showing sales that were not collected from each cashier separately.
• Report showing sales per salesperson separately.

sale points

sale points

• Control the selling price of each branch

• Control the items that appear in each branch

• Control the branches that each user is entitled to work on

Connecting outlets

• All bound ports work even if the Internet connection is disconnected

• Link branches through the Internet while maintaining the server and all data in the main branch

• All data sent and received between the branches and the server is encrypted and compressed, which increases the communication efficiency of more than twenty times. It also represents a completely secure environment for maintaining the confidentiality of the data.

Integration of branches

• Knowledge of the balance of items - a particular category in other branches

• Collecting customers from any outlet / branch

Design and printing

Bar code devices

• Print barcodes on thermal printer / laser printer

• Control the shape of the barcode label as desired by the customer

• Ability to merge color, size and date of validity bar code

(Reset) Invoice printing

• Print the invoice on the thermal printer / laser printer

• Invoice / Invoice design as desired by the customer

POS program features

• Definition of the names and data of cashiers (cash machines)

• Defining the sales mandate of each cashier

• Collecting a cash / VISA invoice, with the possibility of combining them on the same invoice

• The possibility of paying daily expenses from the screen Kashir, and settled in the rosary.

• Sales analysis per customer / delegate / category / region

• Full control in the form of the invoice according to the request of the customer with the possibility to work more than one form of the invoice.

• Book items in stores to calculate order - invoice ... until delivery

• Controlling branch sales prices

• Temporary sales policies for customers

• Inventory of rosacea for each payment method when granting / closing the rosette

• Ability to make a discount on the item - gift with the item - items grouped as offers

• Support for feedback from within the sales invoice

• Support for Touch Screen, Customer Display,

Business Activities Beneficiary

• This needs the outlets, and all the activities that have vending machines (Kashir)

• Restaurants and cafeterias need fast selling screens (touch selection)

Devices and accessories

• Barcode reader
• Reset printer
• Touch screen
• Full Cash Machine (POS)
• Cash drawer
• Customer Display

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