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The warehouse program in fact is one of the most important parts in any accounting program because of the complexity of details and the difference between these details between the establishment and others, for example, some may care about the details of the color of the item and the last interest in the validity of the date and thus provides OrchidaERP Accounts Program The program stores and also provides you with registration software classes.


After adding the items and registering them in the stores and adding their own balances, it is necessary to carry out the movements, which is done easily in the warehouse management system in the OrchidaERP accounts program.

» Discharge from the store
» Add to store
» Warehouse transfers
» Installation and dismantling of a class


OrchidaERP accounts program provides you with the registration of basic definitions, the most important of which is the identification of items in the definition of the stores where the items are registered and the opening balances of items for each store.

» Add items
» Definition of non-metallic varieties
» Definition of service category
» Add Store
» Initial inventory


The OrchidaERP Accounts program helps you with alerts.

» Item alerts under demand limit
» Expired item alerts


The OrchidaErp accounts program gives you all the reports that save you time and effort to track store balances, item movements, and more.

» Follow-up stores of items
» The movement of varieties
» Report stagnant varieties
» Barcode reports

OrchidaERP Account Program Stores Features:

  • Add a large number of stores and products and manage them easily.
  • Easy to make transfers from store to store.
  • Link the movement of stores and items with the accounts program
  • Dealing with items that have a career - Expiration date - Color - Size
  • Dealing with items with dimensions (length x width)
  • The system gives a coefficient of stagnation for each item in the store. This coefficient is affected by the time of the existence of the class in the store with its discharge ratio
  • Dealing with non-stock items and service items
  • Composition of items and used in packing and packaging
  • Collected items are used in presentations
  • Determine the degree of confidentiality of each category so that movements can not be performed on this product by a user with a lower degree of confidentiality
  • Report of the warehouse with the back of the quantities bought, sold, converted, and settled
  • A detailed or complex store report can be made for the following levels (for each branch - store - color - size - patch - expiration date)

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