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Orchida Soft is a restaurant management and restaurant accounting program that is dedicated to restaurant management and accounting. It provides a wide variety of services and tools that cover all the needs of restaurant management. All of these features are integrated into a comprehensive and dynamic program.

In addition, the restaurant program is a specialized program for the management of restaurants and cafeterias - stock and inventory accounts with the possibility of working a complex category of several types and indicating the amount of each item with the deduction of the amount of each item during the sale automatically - sales accounts - accounts profits and expenses - treasury accounts - insurance system To the owner of the shop so that the casher can not enter only on the sales page and can not work and can not see the total turnover of the roses - registration of the name of the pilot on the invoice with the possibility of calculating the total of each pilot alone - restaurant and cafe accounts program.

In addition, it will save you a lot of money Best restaurant management program and helps you to overcome the first year and years to come as long as you use the program, you are safe and do not worry and will miss many problems, encountered many restaurants, many of them could not continue to work,

We guarantee you the speed of the program in dealing with the data and ensure you technical support throughout the day

Specification and characteristics of restaurant management program

  »Improves the performance of the restaurant staff and thus increases the efficiency of the service level.

  »Alkashir can request the veins easily and super fast.

  »Monitor the status of applications.

  »Follow tables with ease where you can order from booking or merging and other properties.

  »Helps to follow up lounges and cabins with ease.

  »Possibility to follow the condition of the veins.

  »The restaurant management and catering program provides you with the opportunity to move the roses from one table to another.

  The restaurant management program transfers dishes from one table to another.

  »It is possible to organize, move and arrange tables so that they are actual as they are in the hall.

  »The possibility of booking specific tables for a specific customer at a specific date.

  »Enabling the pilot in the case of Al-Delfari to take more requests with precise details.

  »Follow the payment process with the possibility of accepting payment from the customer through many payment method.

  »The system provides privileges and security for users.

  »Providing reports and statistics.

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