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Sales program and procurement program from the parts full of details and reports and need to be more precise with ease and flexibility and this is what it did Orchida Soft Software We provide the OrchidaERP accounts program. After we define the items and record their opening balances, identify the customers and suppliers, register their opening balances, define warehouses, safes, banks and register their balances, we can now implement all the system movements, especially the sales and purchasing movements and their effect on the above mentioned elements. By providing a system of sales and purchases through which you can record all your invoices if the bills of sale or purchase and extraction of reports to be extracted and follow-up impact on the movement of customers and suppliers, Knock and stores with ease and ease.

Now the question is what are the components of a sales program and a purchasing program in OrchidaERP?

In the next lines, the question will be answered in all its details as follows:

Follow-up sales

The sales program that is available in the OrchidaERP accounts program and the different program movements must follow up on these sales and follow up the customer incentives. Orcedia Soft Software provides OrchidaERP Accounts Software with sales reports which include the following:

» Sales Analysis Report
» Search sales movement report
» Customer Incentives
» Total Customer Incentives

the sales

Orchida Soft Software provides OrchidaERP account software, which provides a sales program with all its details of discounts, addition, taxes, value added and other details that are executed on the sales invoice. The system also gives you the possibility of creating The sales cycle that you want yourself already on your own with ease, accuracy and flexibility The sales system includes the following:

»Selling bills
»Sales returns
" installment sales
»Sales cycle

Follow up purchases

After the movements made in the purchases of sales movements and discards and other movements the user wants to issue reports to follow up those movements and therefore helps the OrchidaERP accounts program to extract the reports of purchases as easily as possible:

» Search sales movement report
» Procurement incentives
» Compound purchasing incentives


Purchases are also important parts that need details in discounts, addition, taxes and other details. Orcida Soft Software in OrchidaeERP software also provides you with the creation of your purchasing cycle yourself. With ease, flexibility and accuracy, the procurement system includes the following:

» Purchase invoices
» Buy back
» Purchase cycle

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