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 Quickly and easily create workflow maps and forms for SharePoint

Ninetix makes it easy to automate processes, so you can keep moving projects, but without all the manual work. Handle everything from simple operations in a department to sophisticated company-level operations such as: document compliance, contract management, inspection, customer support and much more.

Ninetix forms

Automatic business processes quickly and easily

With Ninetix Flow Maps, you can handle everything from basic business functions to company-wide processes with just a few clicks - not a code.
Quickly convert time-consuming, unstructured processes to automated, efficient workflow. Make every part of your business work better, via HR, operations, marketing and customer support


Speed and ease

The NINTEX models are intuitive and browser-based, and do not require any client software license or installation. Design visually attractive forms with advanced business logic and rich HTML formatting. Preview templates before publishing to ensure the best user experience.

 • Automatically create templates to support your business applications.

 • Design once and publish it on browsers and mobile apps in an instant.

 • Print forms to PDF format while optimizing page layout control, such as breaks and paper size.

Access anywhere, anytime

Extend forms and processes securely for users outside the firewall
Native mobile applications support access without the presence of the Internet and enable capture of touch input, location data, camera images, video, audio and more

• Provide secure access to forms and processes anywhere, on any device.
• A consistent user experience across each platform.
• Use mobile features including images, attachments and geolocation, to keep processes moving.

Smooth and integrated flow maps

Automatically create templates that can be quickly customized, and convert traditional workflow into advanced business applications. Start flow maps and trigger tasks with shapes.

• Interact with major business processes both online and offline.
• Build a connection with databases and business applications as you design your model.
• Query form databases and Web services to fill drop-down lists, check boxes, selection buttons and labels.

Ninetix Flow Charts

Build and customize templates in a simple click format

Design shapes in SharePoint and Office 365 using predefined layouts for any device, form factor or screen size. Remove steps from your processes, make them easier to get the data you need, and keep your team working efficiently.


the speed

With Ninetix Flow Maps you can get more done.
Get and run quickly, automatic daily processes like reviewing and approving requests, routing tasks, and collaborating on documents. Create flow maps in hours or days instead of months, and have an immediate impact on your business.

 • Easily fits with your SharePoint and Office 365 environment, without the need for separate servers or infrastructure.
• Access to index simple flow maps to intelligently save time that you configure before you configure shared activities and settings.
• You can quickly adjust and improve workflow while changing business needs and requirements.


Build flow maps that connect and interact with your existing business applications such as SAP and SalisForms as well as cloud services such as DuxGen, Box, Dropbox, Pass, Twitter etc.

• Create flow maps with simple to complex logic.
• Start flow maps based on events inside or outside the SharePoint
• Connect various cloud services and line of business systems through pre-built connectors.

The ease

Decide, pull, leave and finish it.
Individual users and professionals can stream maps both from automatic processes in minutes, reducing time and effort involved in building and using optimization processes.

• Intuitive and easy to use, browser-based, drag-and-drop designer flow charts.
• Reduce the burden on IT and enable business users to automate their processes.
• Design and deploy models and mobile applications at the same time with one click.