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Orchida Soft Software seeks to implement the internal portal projects for enterprises to serve as an interactive electronic environment and a link between the employees of the Foundation and its branches and systems, and to be of international standards based mainly on Microsoft SharePoint technology

Components and features of the internal gate


Main location

• The main site is the main gate of the portal and Orchida Soft to design the appropriate for each client according to his needs and wishes.

• The components that are of interest to all users are displayed in the organization. The main page displays the most important content of the main site (news of the institution - the latest foreign news - articles - events and events - circulars and decisions - successful experiences - photos of the institution - Sharekna opinion).

• Each component is controlled by its own Web Parts Component via the main site manager


Sub Locations (Branches and departments) 

Orchida Soft provides the tools to develop and build a portal for sub-sites to enable the publishing of specialized content for each branch or administration. Sub-sites are the main branch and branch page.


Employee Location

Orkeda Soft provides personal pages for users in the management of the institution, a personal site to give the user a central location to store content and its connections and contacts, and that those pages are a point of contact for other users to view the information of other users personal and the possibility of communication with them.