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Store and item alerts make it easier for the user to find the items that have reached the demand limit and the items that are close to the end of the validity date. We all know that any store has many items and that these items occur in addition or exchange movements because of these movements the quantity of the item increases or decreases as it There are varieties with an end date and here some of us wonder how to know that a certain category within the stores I have to provide now as near to access or that another class near the expiration date of validity I want to have alerts stores?

This is what he does OrchidaERP Accounts Program It helps you to identify the items that have reached the demand limit as specified in the product label with Product Definition  You can also know which items are close to completion or expired and call it in the system:

Alert under Order Limit: Shows items that have reached the order limit.

Expired expiration dates: The items that you have brought to the expiration date will show you without any trouble from you.

Item alerts under demand limit

It is worth mentioning that any commercial or industrial institution must have stores and stores where there are many movements of addition and drainage, and this certainly affects the amount of items inside.

As we discussed earlier, the demand limit of the class is set at Product Definition When you reach the demand limit, an alert appears to remind you of the speed of ordering this product. This is one of the features of OrchidaERP. It provides these alerts, which helps you in:


»Do not fall into trouble with the customer due to non-existent items.

»Quick decision making.

Expired item alerts

Note that in Hypermarkets, pharmacies or restaurants most of the items have an expiry date.

The OrchidaERP accounts program therefore provides alerts for expired items,

This is what is defined in the category card, which allows you to specify the validity date of the item,

At the end of the expiry date, the program will alert you that the product is near the expiry date.

Validity date alerts are:

»The speed of making the right decision about those items that are close to completion.

»Helps you post a problem with your customers where they can not find any expired items.

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