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Warehouse transfers are very important for any policy. Usually the foundation has several stores and perhaps several branches of each branch with several stores. Therefore, there is a need to transfer between the stores in the same institution or between stores of different branches of the institution. Therefore it provides you OrchidaERP Accounts Program A screen for the transfer of stores through which it can be converted from store to store or store to a specific branch to another branch store and so on. This definitely affects the balance of the two warehouses, the balance of which is deducted by the transferred quantity and the store where the balance is increased by the quantity transferred.

It is clear in the form that any movement affecting the balance of the item such as purchase, sale and inventory so that it must be associated with a particular store to deduct or add to the balance of items in those stores.

The transfer order is accompanied by a two-volume buffer and the same quantity is added to the second store.


Let's give an example of how the transfer order is processed in the OrchidaERP Accounts program and follow up the stock balance before the transfer order process and after the transfer order process

Suppose that we want to convert the quantity (5) from the category (bag of 5 kg) from the (general) to the (sub-store) and to adapt that process in the OrchidaERP accounts program, as explained in the following lines:

In the shop before the transfer order is done, we follow the general store and the secondary store

The sub-store has no credit

The general store has a balance of 205

In this step we make the order of transfer from the public warehouse to the sub-store and do the following:

  »We go to the list of stores

»We open store transfers

To add a transfer order, click the Add button

»We fill in the required data, the most important of which are:

• We choose the converted warehouse (general)

• Then we select the store to which it is transferred (the sub-store)

• We choose the items to be converted (bag of 5 kg)

• Put the quantities to be converted (5)

Then press the OK button

As shown in the figure

In that step we follow the public store and the sub-store

The sub-store had no credit

After his transfer the balance became 5

The public store had a balance of 205

After the transfer, the balance is now 200

And here we ask a question in our minds is what is the matter of the transfer to the general accounts?

The transfer order transfers the balance of the items from one store to another store and therefore does not deduct or add to the balance of the total item in the establishment and therefore has zero effect.
However, if the transferred warehouse is in a branch, and the transferred warehouse is located in another branch, in this case the value of the transfer order will be added to the balance of the account "warehouse-out transfers" in the first branch. Section II of course will not affect the balance sheet of the institution, but will control the trading account for each branch separately.

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