SharePoint Applications

Content Management Services

Orchida Soft provides comprehensive services and systems to manage content and documents archiving , which help companies to track, manage and store documents and enriches business information in these companies

Case-study, Elmezneb Municipality - Saudi Arabia

We introduce Elmezneb municipality as a model to illustrate the integration of technologies and the different solutions that we have provided. And linking the various municipal departments together on one hand, and the linking of municipal citizens on the other.

SharePoint Portal

The portal is a platform that combines all of the services and the applications that we offer. And which are: Workflows – Content and Document Management – developing tailored  applications

Automating institutions (Workflows)

Use the workflows (Automation institutions) allows institutions advanced possibilities of delegation and control, approval and authentication and publication of documents

Orchida ERP

Customers and suppliers Module

System contains everything related to procurement and sales. Also the system handles import & export issues.Different Payment methods are supported, Cash, checks, installments …

Public Accounts Module

Recording the daily Accounting entries of the various accounts and Journal deportation. The issuance of the financial statements in all its forms fully flexible, and can be easily customized according to customer requirements.

Contracting Module

Contracting system that allows follow-up expenses and projects profits strictly through the statement of account for each project, what has been purely on the project and the stages that have been delivered (CAS).

Fixed Assets Module

Fixed assets system that aims to introduce all the movements that affect the assets (Added – Sales – Heightening – Exclusion) in a simple and easy way. And also entring depreciation movements.

Letters of Guarantee Module

Registration of letters of guarantee (primary, final, advance payments). And the entring of all the transactions related to the letters (Ppening – Renewal – Heightening – Reducing – Canceling the letter).

Warehouse management Module

Warehouse Management System is designed to give detailed reports on the entry and exit of the items to the stores. So can monitor and control stock.

POS Module

Facilitate the sales process in all business activities and save the time and effort to manage chains of stores. Transform items and follow up slack items. Flexible and easy way to set policies and prices for various outlets.

Human Resources Module

Human Resource System consists of three main parts are (Salaries, Time Attendance, and Personal).All the parts are integrated together to calculate Deductions and allowances to provide salaries.

Production and Manufacturing Module

Production and manufacturing module aims to achieve three objectives: to calculate the cost of the product,  Follow-up product during production, Follow-up the performance of the workers

Documentary Credits

Follow all the credentials (credit value – cover ratio – the type of shipping – shipping line – shipping agent – the date of opening …). As well as follow-up on the receipt of shipments