“When we established in 1997, our goal was to help companies transform into the digital world. We did so by offering innovative solutions. It started with industrial CAD systems, then we developed our own ERP system, and right now we are focusing on electronic invoices, a service that received huge interest from the governments in the Arab region, especially in Egypt and KSA.”
Eng. Mohamed Naiem
"We have watched carefully the new digital transformation regulations, in Egypt and KSA, which embrace the values of transparency, accountability and oversight of all activities through the interaction and involvement of all the society's components, among which are the private sector, public sector and the government. We moved quickly to tackle that challenge by developing our services and systems to be compatible with those regulations.”
Eng. Mohamed Farouk
“E-invoice is considered to be one of the most important national projects for digital transformation in the MENA region, thus our eagerness to be a part of that effort in our region.”
Bassem Aamer Orchida Soft
Eng. Bassem Amer
Business Development Manager
"عندما بدأنا في عام 1997 ، كان هدفنا هو مساعدة الشركات على التحول إلى العالم الرقمي. لقد فعلنا ذلك من خلال تقديم حلول مبتكرة. بدأ الأمر بأنظمة CAD الصناعية ، ثم طورنا نظام ERP الخاص بنا ، والآن نركز على الفواتير الإلكترونية ، وهي خدمة حظيت باهتمام كبير من الحكومات في المنطقة العربية ، وخاصة في مصر والمملكة العربية السعودية. "
Khaled Farouq
Director of Marketing
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