Contractors are unique among commercial businesses; they don’t offer a product or service but instead work on a diverse range of projects over time.

Due to the progressive nature of each project, many payments are sent and received at different stages. Accordingly, the project manager’s primary goal is to monitor the project’s financial status.

Dealing with construction materials suppliers is another critical aspect of the contracting sector. Due to the difficulties of keeping and distorting goods, as well as the expense of transportation, there are no warehouses, and construction supplies are often delivered on demand, just when they are needed.


Orchida Contracting System

Working side-by-side with you from the start of the project study all the way through to its completion

The first stage: Project Study

Step 1: Bills of Quantities

Step 2: Developing a budget plan and cost estimate for the project

The second stage: Decision-making and bid submission

The third stage: Implementation and follow up

Fourth stage: Project Closure

Features of the contracting program:

Beneficiary commercial activities

Devices and accessories:

This Module is a sub-Module of ERP systems​

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