Orchida’s point-of-sale management software (POS) is an integrated accounting solution that streamlines all aspects of your business’s sales and purchases across all electronic systems. It’s a huge time saver for managing multiple store chains and keeping tabs on sales and project progress.

Even more so, it’s the only system that can automatically manage your sales channels and give you a report on your company’s financial status.

Also, directly linked to your warehouse system, our point-of-sale management software makes it possible to evaluate the warehouse system.

Point of sale software components

The inputs to the POS management system:

  • Defining the names and data of the cashiers (cash vending machines)
  • determining each cashier’s selling capacity
  • Connecting each cashier’s actions to the store branch where he works
  • In the case of using scales, scale codes need to be defined in the program to link the scales automatically with the program
  • This program is fully integrated with your warehouse system, and you can review the entries for the warehouse system on its page

A cashier’s daily sales activity is recorded in the POS management system as follows:

  • Recording cash sales transactions
  • Registering sales transactions with the visa
  • Registering the delivery sales movements (including the value of the delivery service)
  • Record sales returns
  • Possibility of filtering the cashier’s shift
  • Fully integrate your warehouse system to review the entries in the warehouse system on its page

A report shows: 

  • The sales and money collected from each cashier over a specific time 
  • Each cashier’s earnings or losses over a given time 
  • The total sales of all cashiers during a given time
  • All earnings for all cashiers
  • Uncollected sales separately from each cashier
  • Individual sales results for each member of the sales team
  • Control the sale price for each branch
  • Control items appear on each branch
  • Control over the branches that each user has the right to work on

Outlet Connection

  • All linked ports work offline 

Maintaining the central server and all data while linking outlying locations through the Internet 

 All data exchanged between the server and branches is encrypted and compressed, increasing communication efficiency by more than twenty times and ensuring data confidentiality.

Branches Integration 

  • Knowing items availability in other branches
  • Complete customer collections from any outlet/branch
  • Barcode devices
  • Print barcodes on a thermal printer/laser printer
  • Control the shape of the barcode label as desired by the customer
  • The possibility of merging the color, size, and validity date with the barcode

Invoice Printing

Devices and accessories

This Module is a sub-Module of ERP systems​

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