The goal of the warehouse management software is to provide a fast and detailed report on the entrance and departure of items from the warehouses while maintaining the greatest degree of secrecy and control.

Features of warehouse management software


Beneficiary Businesses

Devices and accessories​

Key Reports

It is a statement of every action that affects the stock balance in the stores. 

For a specific:

  • Item or group of items
  • Customer or several customers.
  • Store or all stores.
  • Patch
  • Serial
  • Color
  • Size

For a certain: 

  • Time.
  • Types of transactions sale/returns sale/purchase/purchase returns
  • Expiration date.
  • The report provides each item’s final balance and value (the cost is priced according to the pricing policy for each item)

  • It displays quantities purchased, sold, transferred, and settled.
  • The report can be detailed or aggregated for these levels: (for each branch – store – color – size – patch – validity date)
  • A statement of items arranged according to code, description, type, section, etc.
  • Store reports – detailed/aggregated
  • Category movement
  • Stagnant varieties
  • Items under demand
  • Report validity dates
  • Safe goods store
  • Estimated consumption

This Module is a sub-Module of ERP systems​

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